Friday, 28 June 2013

Kraken - Smoken ...Re-Up...

 Re-upload of the Kraken album!!

Kick to Kill said...
Zoned out psych instrumentals... heavy, skronked and motorik. Get fried.

All jam sessions recorded live at the Ice Palace, Whitechapel, between 2004 - 2005
the band comprised of

Drums - Fergadelic
Bass - Jethro Haynes
Lead Guitar - Richie Crago
Synths - Nicola Pecoraro
Synths (track's 9 & 11) - Robbie Newby
Guitar/Vocals/synth (track 12) - Peter Mackenzie

Kraken tapes recorded, compliled, edited and produced by Peter Mackenzie and Fergadelic

French Dream

Ah, euphemisms...

American Dream Catcher

T-Shirt graphic... anyone want one? If yes I'll get some printed up...

Monday, 17 June 2013

Peeking... Land/Sea Portal

The Guardian 'We Own the Weekend' Campaign

I did these type illustrations for a Guardian campaign which sadly ended up going down a different visual route. It was really good working with BBH who commissioned me... Shame, I really like this work and hoped it would run... They were going to be full page in each section of the Guardian, Guardian Weekend and Observer.