Thursday, 26 January 2012

BRIGHT Trade Show Minigolf Art Installation Berlin January 2012

I was asked by the fine folks at Brand New History to design a hole for a nine hole installation/Minigolf course in their Art BRIGHT section of the BRIGHT Trade Show in Berlin.

Quick vid I made...

And here's a link to a vid of the actual opening day tournament, which I couldn't attend...booooo. Looks like a load of fun!

 There were nine holes in total designed by nine different international artists, they were... James Jarvis for Amos (UK), Leif Podhajsky (Australia), Superblast (Germany), Andy Jenkins (USA), Dennis Chow (Canada), Jaybo (Germany), Marok (Germany), Shake Your Tree (Germany) and myself (UK)The course was built on the third floor of the old Stasi HQ... Here's what I ended up doing... Many thanks to Montana for the paint! Also Sven Fortmann, Sascha Minde, Konstuktion Thomas, Martin and everyone else who made it happen...